Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lili Sumner in feature film for Veoir Magazine

Directed by: William Lords
Videography & Editing by: Matthew Kroger Diamond
Make-up by: Emily Lin

Max Von Isser for GQ Style

Photographed by Thomas Cooksey and styled by Gary Armstrong, Fusion's Max Von Isser embodies a bladerunner wearing, Dior Homme and Salvatore Ferragamo for GQ Style!

Dima, Jaunel, & Hildie in "Spring Awakening" for Fantastics Mag

Photographer: Rodolfo Martinez
Fashion Editor: Rodney E Hall
Make-up Artist: Jenni Shaw
Hair Stylist: Matthew Green

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tian Yi in "Pastel Palette" for Vogue China April 2014

Photographer: Zack Zhang
Stylist: Candy Lee

Branko Maselj in "Bloom" for Commons & Sense Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

Photos: Takay
Fashion: Tsuyoshi Noguchi
Prop Stylist: Stephane Pain
Hair: Kenshin @L’Atelier
Retouching: Go Tanihata @Alchemist’s Hideout Inc.
Photo Assistants: Jimi Franklin & Steve Gaudin
Fashion Assistant: Teruo Fujiki

Clothes: Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yu Fangqing for Esquire China April 2014

Photographer: Weimin Li
Stylist: Will Wu
Makeup: Ricky
Hair: Xuemeng Liu

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Morris Pendlebury for Fucking Young exclusive editorial

Wearing pieces from Agi&Sam's Spring/Summer 2014, Morris Pendlebury features in an exclusive for Fucking Young! 

Photographer: Winter Vandenbrink
Stylist: Jordy Huinder
Make-up: Maria Papadopoulou
Hair: Stephen Ledbury

Monday, April 7, 2014

Harry Curran in "Nocturne" for Exit Magazine

Harry Curran conjures up a dark side in "Nocturne" for Exit Magazine, wearing fashions from Margaret Howell, Lanvin, Derek Rose, and Dior Homme! 

Rory Payne (Photographer)
Jason Hughes (Fashion Editor/Stylist)
Naoki Komiya (Hair Stylist)
Jenny Coombs (Makeup Artist)

Jed Texas for the Ben Sherman Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign!

Photographer: Sam Bisso
Stylist: Tilly Hardy

Laurie Harding in "The New Minimal" for GQ Style Spring/Summer 2014

Blair Getz Mezibov (Photographer)
Luke Day (Fashion Editor/Stylist)
Ben Jones (Hair Stylist)